I started making body products with deodorant. Not particularly sexy, I know, but I had stinky armpits and couldn't find a deodorant that would work...even the chemical-laden antiperspirant variety.

When, after several attempts, I came up with a formula for my clay detox deodorant (which my wife and I both refer to as a miracle) I knew I was onto something.

I have a PhD in Sociology with an emphasis in Feminist studies, so research is kinda my thing. So is teaching, which is part of how I came to make my own face and body products.

Teaching college courses about gender and health meant discussing dangerous ingredients in many beauty products and the psychologically damaging ways that these products are often marketed. This prompted me to think about what was in my own cosmetics and led me to think about what a body positive beauty brand would look like.

As a queer, feminine person whose gender is fluid I was also concerned with how to counter social beliefs that femininity is weak, artificial, or validated only when attached to certain bodies and identities.

I was inspired to research alternatives and began formulating my own products-- first eyeliner, then mascara, then matte cream lipstick (fierce was the debut color).  And while it took a LOT of attempts (and the feedback of many dedicated and supportive friends) I had stumbled onto something I really loved doing. 

And others loved what I was making, too, so I started to share my creations and take requests for new products.

Which brings us, more or less, to today...the culmination of a dream to create a brand that celebrates femininity, masculinity, and everything in between.

I hope that all you fabulous folks out there love these products as much as I have!


- Shae