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Get glistening skin with Breathe Facial Serum. Breathe provides the benefits of natural retinol for your delicate skin, without the synthetic ingredients.

meadowfoam seed and  pomegranate seed oils are both high in antioxidants. They have intensely moisturizing properties but absorb quickly into the skin to promote beautiful skin without excess oiliness or drying. Pomegranate seed oils are also high in omega-5 fatty acids rumored to have regenerative properties.
avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, D and E, which provide deep moisturizing for soft, supple skin.
moringa oleifera and rosehip seed oils contain high levels of vitamin A, a healthy, natural source of retinol.
jojoba oil mimics sebum, a natural oil in your skin, which helps to regulate oil production while maintaining healthy, supple skin.  It is also lightweight but rich, absorbing quickly into your skin for deeply penetrating moisture.
Geranium and lavender oils are natural astringents that are said to improve circulation, firm and tighten skin, promote cell regeneration, and reduce scarring and blemishes.

Directions: apply 3-5 drops to your face and neck and smooth into skin using circular motions. Use before bed or as a treatment under makeup during the day.

Ingredients: *meadowfoam seed oil, *avocado oil, *moringa oleifera oil, *jojoba oil, *rosehip seed oil, *pomegranate seed oil, vitamin E. essential oil blend: geranium, lavender


Size: 30ml 

This serum is shipped in a 30ml (1oz) glass amber dropper bottle.

Note regarding potential allergies: These products have been good to my eyes and skin. To ensure your satisfaction, please check ingredients against your own allergies before use. Some of the ingredients used in Shae Face & Body products may have been produced in a factory where soy, gluten and tree nuts are processed  ♥